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Looking for temporary interior walls or installations? We supply and install internal walls and installations, for marketing or construction purposes.

We have years or experience in the design of temporary installations. If you are having internal works done and need internal site hoardings or simply want to cover an existing interior wall with signage we can help.

Interior Hoardings / Internal Temporary Wall


Internal Hoardings

Temporary walls and interior site hoardings can be signwritten as a marketing opportunity. In this example plastic hoarding is wrapped in vinyl graphics.

Prices from £130.00 per linear metre


Timber Framed Temporary Wall

We can install timber framing to enable the fixing of robust exterior grade hoarding panels inside a building providing a solid temporary wall.

Standard hoarding is pre-painted grey although we can produce any colour.

Prices from £115.00 per linear metre


Temporary Doors & Fire Exits

Our temporary doors can be lined like a real door giving a quality permanent feel to the hoarding. With push pad fire exit and digilock options we create doors to suit your requirements,

Prices from £140.00 per door 

Install from £100.00


Advertising & Event Hoarding

This example shows bar, wall and packaging display designed by us. We can create all sorts of displays and event signage.

Prices on application.


Temporary Studwork Hoarding

Our carpenters can create studwork for all types of application. Wooden studwork is a cost effective and flexible solution to site separation and temporary works.

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