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Our team install site perimeter fencing, graphics and temporary fencing on site boundaries and internal works. 


​For building site hoarding in Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Worcester and beyond contact us today.


For interior hoarding & temporary walls click here.

Construction Site Hoardings / Building Site Hoarding


Standard Wooden Site Hoarding

Standard hoarding involves a wooden fence clad with painted plywood. Whilst this solution is cheap and effective we also offer other options including aluminium only, for a rot free, perfect finish. Hoarding can be 'Dug In' or 'Kentledge'.

We use treated wood on all our hoarding, where possible C16/C24 timbers are used. Our specifications are based on TWF guidelines, wind and crowd loading are all taken into account. Ground conditions are also a vital factor to be considered. We can supply site specific engineers drawings where necessary.

Prices from £125.00 per linear metre


Counterbalance Hoarding / 

Kentledge Hoarding

Kentledge hoarding is a counterbalance system where no digging is required. Posts are secured to concrete anchor blocks, this offers a flexible re-usable solution which can also be re-positioned.

Prices from £188.00 per linear metre


Low Impact Counterweight Hoarding

This example shows a plywood hoarding stained in an outdoor water based fence paint for a environmentally friendly specification and natural look. Installed on a timber frame counterweighted with multiple small concrete blocks to prevent damage to the value paving slabs.

Prices from £128.00 per linear metre


Printed Site Hoarding Gloucestershire

We recently installed some printed hoardings to add to an existing hoarding in Cheltenham. We have full colour print and colour match capability.

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